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create a RPM archive from a running setup using the checkinstall tool:



/usr/sbin/checkinstall [make install / setup.sh / ...]

# answer some questions to fill the RPM headers...

Installing packages:

rpm {-i|-U|-F} [install-options] PACKAGE_FILE ...

Removing packages:

rpm -e [--allmatches] [--nodeps] [--noscripts] [--notriggers] [--repackage] [--test] PACKAGE_NAME ...

Querying package contents:

rpm -q [select-options] [query-options]

with select-options:

[PACKAGE_NAME] [-a,--all] [-f,--file FILE]
[-g,--group GROUP] {-p,--package PACKAGE_FILE]
[--fileid MD5] [--hdrid SHA1] [--pkgid MD5] [--tid TID]
[--querybynumber HDRNUM] [--triggeredby PACKAGE_NAME]
[--whatprovides CAPABILITY] [--whatrequires CAPABILITY]

and query-options:

[--changelog] [-c,--configfiles] [-d,--docfiles]
[--dump] [--filesbypkg]
[-i,--info] [--last] [-l,--list]
[--provides] [--qf,--queryformat QUERYFMT] [-R,--requires]
[--scripts] [-s,--state] [--triggers,--triggerscripts]

verify all packages to look for deleted files:

rpm -Va

find the package containing some file:

rpm -qf /PATH/TO/FILE

print information about a package file:

rpm -qpi PACKAGE.rpm

list files contained in a package:

rpm -qpl PACKAGE.rpm
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